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Desco Charolais Farm is located in South Central Pennsylvania in Franklin County.

Daren Statler

Desco Charolais Farm began in 1989 when Daren, a high school Freshman decided to purchase a Charolais bull from LeRoy Myers as an investment for a college fund. The plan was to use the bull on dad's grade charolais and then sell him for meat when he weighed a ton.

One thing led to another and Daren soon purchased three registered heifers to breed to the bull "Mr. Roy". The herd grew and helped Daren attain his Veterinary medicine education in multiple ways.

Owner Daren Statler is a veterinarian previously employed by Greencastle Veterinary Hospital for 17 years.  Daren currently devotes all of his time to embryo transfer.

The herd continues to grow and now uses intensive embryo transfer so that we are only propagating the best of the best. Our best cows our flushed and eggs are transferred into average cows so that the calf crop keeps getting better and better. Cows we are currently working with come from herds like Myers, Eaton, May, and Rogers Bar. We have been able to acquire some Rogers Bar genetics that are in the top ten or twenty animal in the breed for Total Maternal and MIlk EPDs.


Currently we are using sires and donors that are outliers for carcass traits, specifically marbling from programs like JMAR Genetics.


Bulls and Females are Marketed privately and in consignment sales. We have sent cattle to Long Island, NY, as well as Texas, Oregon, and Puerto Rico.

Daren does intensive Artificial Insemination and Embryo Transfer to advance genetic progress to the maximum potential. Daren is certified by the American Embryo Transfer Association and is also a member of the American-International Charolais Association and the Colonial Charolais Association.



Any questions? We would be happy to set up a time to talk to you.

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