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Desco RSHMRRuth 802 P

I’m excited about this sale of Desco RSHMR Ruth 8027 coming up with some great folks! Pld heifer calf # 114, born 8/25/21, bw 78, sired by One Penny Blanco Flash 6424, M731925. Ruth has been flushed 4-times with an average of 12.5 freezable embryos per flush. We have exported embryos to South America from her. She has 6 EPDs that are in the top 10% of the bred and 2-more in top 15%. Her calf is in top 6% YW, top 10% CW, and top 2% Marb EPDs. Her dam is our featured Donor and we have full sib embryos for Lot 68 to Ruth. I think you will find more data and information than any other beef catalog in the industry.  Check out the sale catalog.

OW Lead Time 6294 PLD

Our mission at Desco Charolais Farm is to produce genetics with the best growth and carcass traits available while maintaining ideal calving ease and maternal ability. We do this by acquiring females in the breed that are outliers in those traits and using Advanced Reproduction Technology to propagate those genetic traits with complimentary sires. If you are serious about beef production, we think our genetics will increase your profitability. Check out the SALES CATALOG  

Desco Lady Forefront 910

I’m excited about this sale coming up with some great folks! Desco Lady Forefront 910 is a super tame gal and is real good at just about everything else. Green bars are good and make money! She has the best combo of gain and feed efficiency in her contemporary group. Check out the sale catalog. I think you will find more data and information than any other beef catalog in the industry.

Desco Lady Forefront 910
Desco Wy Wind Winne Lot 21

Desco Wy Wind Winne Lot 21 in the 2016 Va Beef Expo sells with an LT Lond Distance bull calf.

Desco Del Rio Lot 4

Here is Lot 4 in the Va Beef Expo sale Desco Del Rio. He is an 7/8 sib to M6 New Standard. His EPDs are Rock Solid! Rio Bravo sons are rare and you will have to look long and hard for a bull with better EPDs and phenotype!

Desco-Del-Rio Lot4
Lot 50 Out of the Blossom Doner Cow

Check out this video on YouTube:

Desco Lot 50
2013 ET heifer out of HBR Equalizer 940

This is a January 2013 ET heifer out of HBR Equalizer 940 and Winnie our Wyoming Wind x JC Maggie cow.  She is thick and pretty!

Desco OD Duke Duanne 213

Offering a successful flush or oocyte aspiration at the Virginia Fall Herd Improvement sale as LOT 40!  

Desco OD Duke Duanne 213
Desco Rapid Fire Ruby 324 P EF1174778

Thank you Taylor Snedeker for purchasing Desco Rapid Fire Ruby 324 P EF1174778.  
We wish you the best with your show season this year!

Desco Rapid Fire Ruby 324 P EF1174778
Desco Esther 214

Esther 214 pictured below pregnant to HBR Harlan's Keystone 016.

Desco Esther 214
Desco Denver DOC 301P M831444


HBR Cannon 847 Calf

We our excited about HBR Cannon 847 and her new calf out of HBR Program 297.  This is our fourth natural calf out of this five year old cow.  We have two ET daughter and three natural daughters out of her and all are still in the herd.

 Desco NT Nice Guy

Thanks to Mark Myers of Myers Charolais Farm Clear Spring, MD for purchasing Desco NT Nice Guy for $2200! The CALVING EASE bull sells 3/29/13 at Penn State. He is a Schurrtop MCF New Trend son out of a JC Maggie X Wyoming Wind cow. Watch

Desco Wy Wind ET

This is my consignment to the Va Beef Expo selling 4/19/13 in Harrisonburg VA. Wy Wind ET out of Ibach herd in NE.
She calved before she was two with an EC No Doubt heifer that will be two months at the sale.

Desco Wy Wind ET
 Desco Daisy Duke 703

Watch Desco Daisy Duke at

Desco Daisy Duke 703
Desco Program Pameback 104PLD  F1135170

From our most profitable cow family, MCF Lady Mack H41 comes this fancy HBR Program 218 daughter. Pictured right out of the pasture with very little creep feed!  Her Grandam sold for $4000 as a bred heifer!

DES Equalizer Eva 101 PLD  F1135169

You will like this thick, correct, fancy heifer.
She will be profitable and fertile if she is like her maternal ancesters!
Both Eva and Paymeback have Neg BW and 30 Tot Mat EPDs. Go to the Keystone International Livestock Expo. Keystone Heifer Showcase Sale was Oct 8, 2011.

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