Daren Statler has devoted his professional career to cattle. The research, time, development and work has proven successful results.

CCC WC Resource
Resource heifers were our favorite in 2020 with the thickest hind quarters in the pasture.  We have sexed female embryos for sale by Resource.
LT Patriot
Lt Patriot has produce some of the most eye appealing and consistant ET heifer calve that have sold quickly.
ABJR New Hank 595 P
New Hank is said to be one of the most structurally sound up and coming bulls in the breed.  He has no holes in his EPDs and will add growth, milk, scrotal circumference and carcass traits.  We are using New Hank in our ET program.
OW Lead Time
Lead Time has sired a Tremendous set of calves for us in 2020.  They are moderately framed with lots of eye appeal and small and vigerous at birth.  The mail attribute that we like about Lead Time is his Marlbing EPD that is in the top 1% of the breed.  We have embryos sired by Lead Time FOR SALE
JMAR Benaiah
JMAR Benaiah is also in the top 1% of the breed for Marbling that puts him in our ET sire program.  Beniah will add frame size and eye appeal and GROWTH.  We also have Benaiah sire embryos for sale.
One Penny Blanco
LT Blue Value 7903 ET Pld
Blue Value is another superior marbling sire that will add eye appeal.  We use him on donors that have plenty of growth and marbling in their pedigree and need eye appeal.
LT Ledger 0332 Pld
Ledger has been used ver heavily in our ET program and we have a large inventory of Ledger embryos for sale.  Ledger is one of the most proven and consistent bulls in the for all around performance traits and eye appeal.
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Desco-CFG Kojack Keystone 016

Here is an up to date picture of our "Keystone 016" bull.  We have actually changed his name to HBR Harlan's Keystone 016.  He has been working hard in the pastures of Rogers Bar and Cole Rogers and Stacey Holifeild and we have a good number of AI calves that are proving him to be a calving ease sire.  To date not one calf has been pulled.  Keystone was DNA tested HOMOZYGOUS POLLED – so he will never have a horned calf. 

Baldridge Kojack 29K

Baldridge Kojack 29K Is being used intesively on Rogers Bar "high EPD" cows to decrease birth wight. He is the most extreem "curve bender" Charolais bull availabe with a -4.4 BW and 39 Total Maternal. His daughters are very nice uddered.

Cooley Russell 1410R9

Desco's AI program: Bulls are selected for low birth weight, high Total Maternal value (based on EPDs), structural correctness, and temperment.


Cooley Russell 1410R9, Used for carcass improvement. One of the highest Genestar tested bull with 15/22 stars.

HBR Cannon 2250

HBR Cannon 2250, This bull has it all. One of the highest Total Maternal EPDs at 46, with a low birth weight. A son gained 5.9 pounds per day on the Hinds community College bull test. Great disposition is the cherry on top!

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